About Curando

Curando was founded in 2016 as an end-to-end health service provider for businesses and individuals, providing both physical and digital services.

One part of Curando is the subsidiary Agilit, which has developed digital services and customizations for health providers within the public and private sectors over the course of ten years.

Since late 2019 Curando is a pure SaaS-company solely dedicated to the digital services and concepts that Curando and Agilit has developed during the years active in the corporate health area.

We digitalize the health work within you organization.

Curando is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Stockholm and Lund.

Curando as a SaaS provider offers an open, non-exclusive, and extensive digital platform to gather a business’s processes regarding health, health services and health data, all in the same place.

With a modern approach we supply businesses and health providers with better conditions to manage health and health related issues relating to the workplace. A new tool to address a rapidly expanding problem.

The different needs of our partners and customers is always our focus, and we adjust out digital services on that basis.

How much do you lose on the bad physical of your employees every year?

Source: Nyckeltalsinstitutet

Number of employees

30 st

Average wage per month

25 000 SEK

Employees with
good physical status

25 %

Employees with
really bad physical status

25 %

You run a clear risk to annually lose about 3MSEK in production value

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