Privacy Policy


Our purpose with this policy is to inform you about the various ways in which we safeguard your legitimate interest in privacy protection. The Policy will detail how we process your personal data, how we handle and protect the digital communication within our systems, and how you can proceed if you have any feedback or complaints for us.

In the contexts where personal data or other important information may be processed by Curando Nordic AB with subsidiaries, or by someone else at the behalf of these companies, appropriate measures are taken to protect customer data from unauthorized access, redistribution, alteration, and destruction.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the treatment of your personal data in the context of using our services, you are always welcome to contact us/our data protection representative via the following e-mail address:

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy. The latest version of the Policy will always be available on our website:



Curando Nordic AB (org. nr. 559049-5254, mailing address Scheelevägen 27, 223 63 Lund) is responsible for your personal data. Processing of personal data may be done by a personal data processor at another company within or outside of the group.

Collection of personal data

Personal data that is submitted through Curando’s services, including (but not limited to) name, e-mail address and phone number, are processed by Curando when your user account is created. In addition to that, we may automatically collect and process the following information:

  • technical information including IP address, login information, brand and version of web browser, operating system and device, time settings, selected language and cookies; and
  • information about the services you have used within out systems.


Storage of personal data

Curando’s services are based on a proprietary platform which is owned and controlled by Curando and is continuously developed and quality assured. Most of the personal data that is processed while using our services is not stored in your computer, mobile or tablet, but is instead stored by Curando. All the personal data is processed and stored within the EU.

Your personal data will only be processed for as long as it is necessary for the purposes specified below (see “Purposes for processing personal data”), which in short is for as long as they are required for us to provide quality service, to otherwise be able to provide our services according to agreement, or to fulfill statutory obligations incumbent upon us. We have processes in place pertaining to how we store or anonymize personal data with the purpose to make sure that your personal information at any given time is sufficient and relevant for our continued provision of the services. Your user data is deleted or anonymized no later than six months from the termination of your user account, granted the retention of the information is not required for us to fulfill our statutory obligations or the information is otherwise needed to safeguard legal claims.

User data that is stored based on your consent is deleted once the consent is revoked.


Purposes for processing personal data

Utilization of services

Curando processes your personal data in order to:

  • grant you access to log in and utilize your user account;
  • allow you to monitor and manage open cases; and
  • be able to deliver the services in accordance with the agreement.

Curando relies on the legal basis of GDPR art. 6.1b to process your personal data in accordance with the agreement that you have entered with Curando, with the purpose to be able to offer you our services.


Curando may communicate with you as a user of our services. This includes replying to questions and investigating support cases submitted through our support service or other digital channels. Depending on the issue, you may be asked to share additional user data which is processed with the purpose of assisting you with your case in the best way possible.

Curando provides support as a part of our services to be able to fulfill the agreement between you and Curando. To the extent that the support service relates to sensitive personal data about you, the processing is done in accordance with the agreement.


Curando processes parts of your user data for the following reasons: direct marketing to you through e-mail and text messages or similar digital communication channels, for instance during marketing campaigns and other offers. Processing of your personal data for the purpose of marketing is done with your consent, which you can withdraw at any time.

Evaluation, development, and improvement of services

Curando may process your personal information for the purpose of developing and improving our services as well as the platform where the services are provided. This is done to continuously improve our security, our handling of personal data and to make the services more user friendly, for example by making changes to the user interface to simplify the flow of information, or to highlight features often used by our users.

Statutory obligations

Curando may process your user data with reliance on the legal basis in GDPR art. 6.1c in order to fulfill statutory obligations under requirements of laws, court judgements or other decisions made by authorities.

Curando otherwise stores and processes your personal information to the extent that is necessary for us to fulfill our statutory obligations and the requirements set by law.


Third parties your personal information may be shared with

Suppliers to Curando

To enable us to provide our services to you we utilize several external suppliers that in certain cases may process personal data. These suppliers (listed below), which respectively provide hosting, e-mail, and text messaging for Curando’s services, work only on behalf of Curando and in accordance with Curando’s requests as so-called personal data processors.

The suppliers work independently and are therefore responsible for their processing of your personal information. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the processing of personal data by these suppliers. For information about how our suppliers process your personal data we refer you to the respective supplier.

Curando currently rely on the following suppliers that the above statement applies to:

Microsoft Azure – provides the hosting for Curando’s services.

Microsoft 365 – provides e-mail functionality for Curando’s services.

TellusTalk – provides text message functionality for Curando’s services.


If you have been referred to us by your employer, we act as a data controller for them and process your personal information in accordance with instructions from them. However, we will not disclose any sensitive personal data to your employer.


Your rights as a data subject within Curando’s services

You have the right to obtain information about which of your personal data we process, for what purpose it is processed, and which third parties have processed your personal data. To clarify, you may at any time contact us to:

  • request access to and be given information about which personal data is processed during your usage of Curando’s services;
  • ask us to correct any incorrect data about you;
  • request that your employer contact us to request that your personal data is erased;
  • ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data;
  • withdraw any specific consent you have provided us for processing your personal data,
  • object to the processing of personal data; or
  • request to have personal data transferred to another personal data controller by obtaining your personal data, to the extent they have been submitted by yourself, in a digital format commonly used to be able to transfer data to other party (according to GDPR art. 20).

In case you wish to contact us concerning any of these items, please email us at


Right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority

We hope that this Privacy Policy has provided clear information about how we process your personal data, but if you have any feedback or remaining questions, please feel free to contact us at We would also like to inform you that you may file a complaint to The Swedish Data Protection Authority or another relevant supervisory authority if you find the personal data processing to be faulty and not following statutory obligations.

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