Take control over health within your business

All businesses carry responsibilities and obligations regarding health within the organization. This includes absence management, rehabilitation, work environment and incidents.

Curando’s simple digital tools helps you based on the specific needs of your business.

The tools provided by Curando gives each business the possibility to decrese the amount of manual work and save expenditures on third parties managing health-related work within the business. The tool makes it easy to connect health aspects to the long-term productivity within your business.

Digitalize the business’s health management

Simplify necessary processes related to health, e.g. absence handling, ordering treatment, or follow-up on rehabilitation.

Automate the flow of information

Who should do what when it comes to long-term sick leave? With Curando’s tool these processes are extensively digitalized, and the tool will assist you with automatic notifications and continuous information about what needs taking care of.

Tailor to your own needs

Curando’s digital platform can be used independently, be used for specific areas, or be connected to third parties.
Integrate to your HR-system, your preferred physical corporate health providers and/or your specific processes.

Unified overview

The result will be a better overview of expenses directly related to health within your organization. Not only will you save time and resources by simplifying your processes – with better health data you’re also paving the way to understanding the indirect costs and impacts on productivity within your organization, as well as which specific measures would be the most cost effective to counter these issues.

Curando’s services

Curando’s platform gathers customizable digital tools for health, such as absence management within businesses.

Absence mgmt.
Online booking
Incident management
Health survey
Anonymous chat
Enkät & utbildning

Use Curando’s standardized services or choose to connect another service to the platform.

Customize and connect whichever tools you’d like – internal or third party.

Grow with Curando – The Platform is continuously developed and you only use as many services as you need.

No membership costs or binding periods.

Free trial for 30 days. Get started here.

Please send a message to info@curando.se in case you would like to know more about Curando’s services or if you have any other questions.

How much do you lose on the bad physical of your employees every year?

Source: Nyckeltalsinstitutet

Number of employees

30 st

Average wage per month

25 000 SEK

Employees with
good physical status

25 %

Employees with
really bad physical status

25 %

You run a clear risk to annually lose about 3MSEK in production value

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