Digitalize your service offering and create additional value for customers

Provide services in a better way and streamline the business. With the help of Curando’s digital platform for corporate health your business can quickly and cost-effectively become a leader in digital delivery and follow-up within your niche of corporate health.

Digitalize your service offering

Streamline and create synergies between services. Curando offers digtal tools for e.g. absence handling, ordering of services, incident management and rehabilitation follow-up.

Customize to your needs

Curando’s digital platform can be used in specific areas and be connected to your services in the way you prefer. Integrate to e.g. incident management systems, subcontractors, call-centers and customize to your specific processes.

Create additional value for customers

Curando’s tools will reward both you and your customers with new possibilites and better conditions for service delivery, overview and follow-up.

Minimize costs of in-house development and consultants

Focus on your core business. Curando’s platform is continuosuly developed in discussion with our partners and customers.

White label

Give the platform and the digital tools your business’s look and feel.

Curando’s offer

Curando’s platform gathers, complements and integrates the services you use in all different areas of your business.

Integrate the services and tools you want – internal, from Curando or from a third party. Customize the way you like.

Grow with Curando – the platform is continuously being developed and you only use the integrations and services you want and require.

No membership costs or binding periods.

Free trial for 30 days. Get started here.

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How much do you lose on the bad physical of your employees every year?

Source: Nyckeltalsinstitutet

Number of employees

30 st

Average wage per month

25 000 SEK

Employees with
good physical status

25 %

Employees with
really bad physical status

25 %

You run a clear risk to annually lose about 3MSEK in production value

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