Curandoa digital platform for everything health realted within your business

The platform is easy to use, scaleable and flexible. Integrate with your HR-system, EHR-system or your occupational health care through Curando’s APIs. Gather your business’s health resources, internal and external, in the same digital area to the benefit of employees, administrators and clients.

Curando’s new platform is live!

The platform, also named Curando, is tailored for businesses as well as corporate health providers and serves as the nexus and reporting engine for the health work withing your organisation. Furthermore, Curando offers functionality such as simple and smooth absence handling for both employees and administrators, complete with statistics on previous and current absence.

Standardized integrations and new functionality will be added continously. Stay tuned for new updates and versions to be announced in Curando’s channels.

Please get in touch with us via if you would like to know more, are interested in a demo, or would like to test the system within your organization!

Curando’s services

Curando’s platform gathers customizable digital tools for health, such as absence management within businesses.

Absence mgmt.
Online booking
Incident management
Health survey
Anonymous chat
Enkät & utbildning

Use Curando’s standardized services or choose to connect another service to the platform.

Customize and connect whichever tools you’d like – internal or third party.

Grow with Curando – The Platform is continuously developed and you only use as many services as you need.

No membership costs or binding periods.

Read more about Curando’s digital services here: For businesses och For corporate health providers

Curando’s customers and partners

How much do you lose on the bad physical of your employees every year?

Source: Nyckeltalsinstitutet

Number of employees

30 st

Average wage per month

25 000 SEK

Employees with
good physical status

25 %

Employees with
really bad physical status

25 %

You run a clear risk to annually lose about 3MSEK in production value

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